If you purchased the box from Amazon, eBay, NewEGG, then you most likely have the old model (HD2000) that we discontinued several years ago. Amazon is not a licensed re-seller of our product. It is not being sold with our permission, and we can no longer activate the HD2000. If you can confirm your unit is not an HD2000 and are still having problems make sure you are connected to the internet. Click on Apps, and click the browser icon. If you get notification reading, "webpage unavailable", then you are not connected. Consider going over the Connecting to the Internet section. Some internet issues might simply be resolved by selecting your internet, clicking Forget Network, and then reconnecting. Enter password, if necessary. Determine if you are having an issue with ALL channels, some channels, or just premium channels. If it's with ALL channels (Basic & Premium), then it must be an issue with the internet. If it's with ALL premium channels, you may not be signed up for premium channels. If it's with just SOME channels, notify us, and our team will work on fixing this issue. If you have further concerns, contact a support agent and inform them the situation. You can chat with us at omnibox.tv/support, or you can call us at 888-897-9560.