A: No, OmniBox subscription service currently does not provide the option for downloading specific movies or television shows. However you are able to watch your stored movies through a USB flash drive or a USB external hard drive by simply connecting it to either of the USB ports at the back of the OmniBox and going to the file manager app available in the OmniBox App screen.

Also, auxiliary content services such as Netflix, Hulu, Plex, etc. are available by downloading the apps from the Google Play store, also accessible via the Apps tab within the OmniBox interface. Please note that OmniBox Premium subscription is for the live television and on-demand shows we provide. In order to use third-party apps from the Google Play Store, you may be required to create your own account directly with the specific 3rd-party app provider as OmniBox cannot support 3rd-party apps that are maintained by other providers.